What are the benefits of using iShred?

Document destruction by means of onsite mobile shredding services provides a very secure method of confidential shredding.  It is cost effective, efficient in terms of utilisation of staff and resources, and provides an environmentally-friendly solution as all clean shredded waste paper is sent to be recycled.


The confidential shredding of documents is the most secure way to dispose of old or redundant documents.

Information is a business’s most important asset and is typically stored securely on site. However security is often overlooked when it comes to disposing of old documents. Shredding ensures the proper and secure disposal of redundant documentation and records.

In addition, using an external party to shred your documents reduces risk as your own employees are more likely to be aware of any potential value that confidential documents may have.


Shredders are expensive to purchase and maintain and are often under utilised in the company environment. By using a specialist shredding company to provide a confidential shredding service, you can save money on purchasing and maintaining shredders which are often not quite up to the task.

Using an external shredding company will also free up your staff to attend to other tasks.


After shredding your documents, the shredded paper is sent for recycling and typically used to make tissue paper.  This has positive benefits for the environment.

The positive benefits of recycling are as follows:
For every ton of paper that is recycled:

  • 17 pine trees are saved,
  • 3m2 of scarce landfill is saved,
  • through the recycling process, water consumption is 50% lower and waste water reduces by 35%,
  • coal based emissions are reduced by 1 ton of CO2, and
  • it is estimated that 2.9 gigajoules of energy are saved.

In addition, your company is assured that its documents have been securely destroyed, has a certificate to verify this and can also be proud to be contributing to the recycling of waste paper.

Maintaining brand integrity is also critical to business.  iShred, along with our sister company SHREDMASTER, can assist in protecting your brand through both the shredding of confidential documents and the destruction of counterfeit or redundant goods or samples.


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