iShred’s services

iShred, in association with our sister company, SHREDMASTER, offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • onsite mobile shredding,
  • offsite bulk confidential shredding of confidential documents and data,
  • office recycling of waste paper, newspaper, magazines and cardboard,
  • clearing of archives and document stores,
  • product destruction of non-paper products including discontinued and redundant packaging, counterfeit products, computers, server tapes and hardware drives, CD’s, DVD’s and other goods.

Onsite shredding for ultimate peace of mind

Mobile onsite shredding is the most secure method of destroying confidential documents.

Onsite shredding is potentially more secure than in-house shredding as the shredding is conducted by non-employees, who are less likely to realise the potential value of the documents being shredded.

Mobile shredding does not rely on electricity, so shredding can continue even in the event of power outages.

Offsite bulk shredding solutions

Offsite shredding is a more efficient method for confidential shredding. Our dedicated facility is equipped specifically for this task and results in greater shredding efficiency.

Although not as secure as mobile shredding, offsite shredding is very secure by virtue of the volumes being shredded. The throughput on such a shredder is around 900kg per hour and the shredded paper is mixed to ensure greater security. Thereafter, it is baled / compressed almost immediately, before being sent to a paper mill to be pulped and manufactured into new tissue paper.

In-house shredding (client-driven)

In-house shredding may seem more secure, however internal staff are the most likely to understand the potential value of the confidential documents being shredded.

Office shredders are often used to process higher volumes or heavier loads than recommended and prove to be less efficient than desired.  This results in staff becoming frustrated with the process of shredding documents and the temptation to bypass shredding protocols where at all possible, thereby introducing risk to your business.


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